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title : house in Shimomeguro「下目黒のカリアゲ」

type : renovation


program : apartment

building area : 29.56㎡

total floor area : 59.16㎡

projector : ROOVICE

construction : ROOVICE

photo : Keisuke Hatakenaka

start date : 01/2015

completion : 04/2015

This house is the first of the Kariage project. It is the action Roovice begun newly and it means to take over and sub-lease the house which is over 30 years old and vacant over 1 year. This wooden rental apartment is over 50 years old but it is difficult to build new house judging from its location. This is indeed a typical example of the issue of today’s vacant house.


”Don’t finish”                          

In this project, we just did reinforcement and insulation work, but customer can enjoy DIY and no need to return former condition instead. However, some knowledge and technique are demanded for DIY, because it may cause leakage and fire especially for wooden house. We made rules of DIY plain by its design. Please ask us when you work on tile and the wall painted white but you can paint or screw on plywood.   



We also made draft and it allowed a customer to choose a plan freely. You can make one more room for the sake of bare beams. You can also add luxurious kitchen because we don’t cover a part of pipe. Bathroom may be added because watertight floor and a drain are set up under a part of floor.


In this project, we intend to increase resident’s choices by building walk up to them. If the building can be repeated metabolism by the resident, it will be updated naturally along the times and the regeneration which cannot be done by scrap and built is enabled. We will continue observing progress whether it could be a choice as a role of future architecture.  















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