title : SOUTH LAB 南方

support staff : Haruya Yamamoto

type : interior

location:3-7-3 Kinchi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

program : Chinese restaurant

floor area : 68.98㎡

construction : TNK planning

photo : Takeshi Tokitsu

start date : 12/2018

completion : 05/2019 

As in its name “Lab”, this restaurant conducts daily research to find best combination of homegrown vegetables and wine in serving Cantonese / Chauzhou cuisine

For this reason, the interior is made with minimal walls, kitchen equipment and furniture side by side to allow its interior to grows as the store evolves.    


In such a plain space, the lighting is planned to highlight the purpose of each area.    

Entrance, where vegetables are sold, has lightings only inside of display shelves and refrigerator to highlight ingredients . 

Kitchen has brighter light that illuminates whole area to bring busy vibe to whole restaurant. 

And above each table where customers seats, pendant lights illuminates dishes on the table to make dishes the main players

We aim to create bustling space like a part of city by combining three space of different qualities.   


We expect the restaurant to become vibrant store with a cinematic dystopia feeling, under the foot of Sky Tree, in the multinational city, Kinshichou,