title : house in Mukougaoka「向ヶ丘の家」

type : renovation


program : house

structure : timber frame

building area : 49.68㎡

total floor area : 77.10㎡

produce : Boo-Hoo-Woo.com

construction : ROOVICE

photo : Noritaka Nara, Keisuke Hatakenaka

start date : 12/2009

completion : 04/2010 

This 35-year-old, 2stories wooden house nestles queitly enclosed tall apartments.

The client just want to make their house brighter and warmer, and want to use for rent for future.

For their limited budget, we mainly repair 2nd floor which has much sunshine and we only do restoration for the 1st floor.

First, we remove original wall of the 2nd floor and move kitchen there.

Then we removed context of Japanese-style and Western-style room carefully and slightly change the finishing color of them.

The faint difference in the color of the rest context reflect each other and it cloud the difference between Japanese and European style, new and old. 

And we tried to make the house present continuous place where various furniture and goods to come newly melt into naturally.